Herbal Groups stole my money and lied to me.

Germantown, Maryland 9 comments

I was contacted by phone for free sample of Med Diet Patch.

I asked if I would be charged or sent anything else.

The rep assurred me no,this is a free trial and only pay 20.00 shipping.Nothing else would be sent.

I called the company after finding a 60.00 charge to credit card.I was told to send the patches back and I would be refunded.

Sent them back and three weeks later,another package,another 70.00 charge.

I sent that package back.

Its been 2 months and no refund on credit card.

As far as the product,I used 2 patches.They did nothing as far as appetite control,energy,nothing.I had to use duct tape because they would not stay on(you are supposed to wear 1 patch for 3 days.)

Review about: Sample Charges.



They just called me and offered me the patch for $6 but I turned them down after quickly searching the internet and seeing negative reviews. So Thank you!

Wilmington, Massachusetts, United States #862294

Do not get scammed by this company as I did. I got talked in to ordering a supplement from Herbal Groups for only $6.95only to find out they billed my credit card another $65 for shipping and handling plus the following month they send me another shipment I did not order and billed another +$70. This is purely a credit card scam and should be shut down!

Verona, New Jersey, United States #829873

People I really this is a scam .

They called me and said everything was good it's free just try it out I would only be paying for shipping 9.95 it should good but as we was ending the call I ask her where she was calling from and she couldn't tell me so I called my bank right away to cancel my csrd.

Stamford, Connecticut, United States #684237

does anyone have the phone number that you can call to cancel? No phone numbers came in the mailing/product I received...

to Anonymous #698263

this company just called me out of the blue, told them to call later in the week, ( i wanted to investigate first) thank goodness i did !! after reading up on them. my caller id said this is their # 1-866-593-5475

to Anonymous #703714

OHMG me too !! they tried to get me to give them my card info when I told them i get paid on friday, today is tuesday -__-. Thank God for research

to Anonymous #990862

they just called me too ask me for 6.95 for shipping and handling I told her I didn't get my check until tomorrow they had the balls to say is there anybody else in your household I can charge it through a card I hung up on her and said no.bye I'm not getting spam by anyone if I don't call them I'm not giving my number out my bank card number

to Anonymous Burke, Virginia, United States #1027669

866-379-2003 and 800-434-6600.

to michael Sugar Grove, Illinois, United States #1031943

They charge my accound 6.90 and than they charge my account 1.90 and they try to charge me anther 7.20 but my bank stop that charge, and than my bank call me to let me know .

To see if it was me so they said we will cancel my card ,thank god they call me .i dont think there any thing on the med patch any ways.

DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS.(ITS BUTT *** .) AND they dont even stick .

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